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Customer care is changing. Businesses need to serve customers in the way they wish to be served. Customer Collaboration combines traditional contact center technology and processes with important additions in critical areas to enable businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers while building loyalty and generating additional revenue. Customer Collaboration empowers businesses and organizations to escape from the traditionally reactive mode of call centers and instead embrace a more proactive engagement model with their customers.

In order to stay relevant and provide customers the method of interaction they desire, your business must be prepared to offer customer services through multiple channels. Chat, video, SMS, social media are all part of the ways businesses interact with customers. Your customers are your central focus, and you need to be able to communicate how they want and what they want.

Our solutions:

Our Customer Collaboration solutions provide innovative capabilities that transform customer care from traditional phone transactions into personalized, content-rich experiences across any communication channel chosen by the customer.

A wide range of deployment options gives our customers flexibility to gain advanced solutions regardless of location, number of agents, or delivery model. Through open standards, our Customer Collaboration solutions provide a platform to integrate with third-party applications within a common desktop application. Integration provides context, saves talk time, eliminates keystrokes, and improves the customer experience. Repetitive tasks such as opening call logs, sending e-mail forms, and activating application features can be automated, increasing agent productivity while reducing errors.

How can we help?

It is INW Solutions’ role to educate our customers about the technology and trends we see in the marketplace, identify your business needs and create a solution that maps the technology to those needs. We take a holistic approach that not only considers how you can interact with your customers, but how you can use Quality Management tools to improve the skills of your agents. We identify opportunities for integration with business applications like Salesforce. We look for solutions to lower operational costs through Workforce Management. We take into account compliance issues and offer customers the ability to store and retrieve calls with call recording. Customer Collaboration is an ongoing process; we understand that and will be with you every step of the way.

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