What is collaboration?

Collaboration occurs when individuals work together towards a common goal or purpose in order to achieve a business benefit.  The individuals working together can range from co-workers, employees across different business units, business partners and even customers.  Collaboration typically occurs in two different ways:

  • Synchronous where the group interacts in real time.  Examples of this would include video conferencing and web conferencing where ideas, thoughts and suggestions are offered in real time. These types of meetings typically attempt to replicate the experience of sitting in the same workspace where documents can viewed and annotated.
  • Asynchronous collaboration occurs over the course of time and you likely have the most common asynchronous collaboration tool open on your desktop or have the application installed on your mobile device and that is email.  The current trend in asynchronous collaboration is the use of online workspaces that provide business messaging, document and screen sharing as well as integrations into other key business applications.

Implement collaboration solutions to:

  • Flatten organizational hierarchy to better communicate with all levels of the organization
  • Elevate and personalize communications to improve the quality and speed of decisions
  • Save time, simplify workflows, and increase workforce interaction and productivity
  • Build trust and understanding across geographical boundaries and within teams through video communications
  • Improve customer interactions by leveraging available CRM integrations with applications like Salesforce

What to look for in a collaboration solution:

The best collaboration solutions leverage an architectural approach, integrating mobility, video, and cloud to bring people together anytime, anywhere, on any device.  They support the transitions in the workplace of individuals to agile teams as well as the increasingly mobile way that we conduct business. They offer solutions that work on-premise and cloud as well as hybrid solutions.  And they focus on user experience because if its not easy to use and adopted, then why bother?

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