What is cloud networking?

At a basic level, cloud computing refers to the delivery of software infrastructure or storage via the Internet in real-time and can be accessed by any device with Internet capability at anytime and anywhere.  Cloud Networking  moves network device management and aspects of control into the cloud, but keeps connectivity and packet-mode functions like routing, switching and security services local and often in hardware. Cloud Networking provides companies a centralized mode for ongoing management while allowing for increased visibility and scale.

What can Cloud Networking mean for your business?

Cloud Networking introduces a new way to deploy, operate, and manage distributed enterprise networks. It delivers enterprise-grade network capabilities via a cloud infrastructure that requires minimal capital investment in additional appliances or IT resources.  These capabilities include Layer 7 Visibility, content filtering, WAN optimization, mobile device management and many more.  Companies will see faster deployments, increased uptime, lower costs, improved visibility and to the surprise of many – enhanced security.  Cloud Networking companies have stringent security policies and have a vested interest in protecting their customers’ data.

INW Solutions is your partner for Cloud Networking

INW Solutions has recognized the positive benefits of Cloud Networking and has been helping our customers deploy Cloud Networking solutions ranging from 802.11ac wireless access points to cloud-managed next-generation security appliances.  Leveraging Cloud Networking and INW Solutions, companies can implement BYOD policies with confidence, ensure rich media like HD video is optimized using Layer 7 traffic shaping, and learn more about consumer behavior using built-in analytics. Contact INW Solutions for a free trial today.

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