Unified Communications

People are collaborating all across the workplace—today, work has become more interconnected across nearly all corporate functions and with external partners. And companies are using it to extend their businesses across geographic locations. These transitions to a more mobile, social, visual, and virtual workspace are not simply “cool technology.”

Cloud Networking

At a basic level, cloud computing refers to the delivery of software infrastructure or storage via the Internet in real-time and can be accessed by any device with Internet capability at anytime and anywhere. Cloud Networking  moves network device management and aspects of control into the cloud.

Contact Center

Customer Collaboration combines traditional contact center technology and processes with important additions in critical areas to enable businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers while building loyalty and generating additional revenue.


Collaboration occurs when individuals work together towards a common goal or purpose in order to achieve a business benefit.  The individuals working together can range from co-workers, employees across different business units, business partners and even customers.