Meraki Video Wall

Meraki Expands to Security Cameras

Cisco Meraki is constantly asking itself how it can make things simpler for businesses.  In fact, they believe that is the key ingredient in the “Meraki Magic”.  In continuing with that company mantra, they recently released the newest solution product Meraki Cameraline with their Meraki Vision (MV) Security Cameras.  They are leveraging the power of the Meraki Dashboard to provide fully cloud-managed security camera solution that completely eliminates the complicated hardware required to run most security camera offerings. This means no more Network Video Recorders (NVR), no more dedicated servers for a Video Management System (VMS). All this is needed is a licensed MV camera and Power over Ethernet (PoE+ needed for the MV71 Outdoor Camera)!

New Approach

The key development in this solution is how Meraki has eliminated the need for either an onsite NVR or, in the case of some cloud solutions, costly bandwidth to stream offsite.  Each camera will come with 128GB of industrial-grade, fully-encrypted solid state storage that will keep up to 20 days of high-definition (720p) footage.  Cutting edge architecture allows for Automatic Network Detection to automatically detect whether the viewing computer is in the local network or somewhere remote. Local streaming video never goes to the cloud, saving bandwidth, while remote streaming video is proxied through the cloud. This allows video to be viewed from anywhere.

Complete Offering

For a completely new direction that has been taken by Meraki, they have put out a pretty complete offering. Of course, much of this is enabled by Meraki’s Dashboard where operations are simplified.  You can easily create a variety of video walls, search for intelligent motion events, and provide granular access for different personnel roles.  All of this builds on Meraki’s zero-touch configuration, remote troubleshooting and single pane of glass management.  Security personnel can quickly export video through a shareable mp4 link or by simply downloading footage. They’ve even provided a mobile app for remote viewing of the cameras that makes installation a breeze.

They will currently offer an indoor (MV21) and an outdoor (MV71) model.  The cameras are built with industrial-grade materials and common sense design. Both will feature a 5-megapixel camera and 720p HD recordings.  3-10mm vari-focal lens for flexible fields of view and integrated night vision and IR illumination. The MV71 is IP66 rated for outdoor conditions and uses an integrated heating element for low temperature environments.  If needed, a variety of mounting options are also available.

Want to See For Yourself?

INW is excited to bring this solution to our customers who are looking to add a security camera solution or update a dated system with one that takes advantage of modern technology.  There is not a business that wouldn’t benefit from having an easy to use and affordable security camera solution. INW Solutions is a certified Meraki Partner with certified Meraki Engineers and we are DCJS certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We can easily demo this solution and get a camera in your hand to test, please feel free to contact us.