Jonathan Rosenberg of Cisco on the Future of Collaboration [Interview]

This is a great conversation with Jonathan Rosenberg, the CTO of Cisco’s Collaboration Group.

During the course of the conversation, Jim and Jonathan trace the industry transitions we’ve experienced as we’ve moved from circuit to packet and now from on-premise to cloud.

Jonathan also talks about what makes Cisco’s cloud collaboration different from Microsoft and Slack and how consumer virality has impacted the way solutions like Cisco Spark are developed and marketed.

This conversation is great for end users as well as VARs/integrators.  Enjoy!

We’ve been doing this a long time together and I feel…we are on the beginning of probably the most significant transition we saw since the transition from TDM to IP. That was the big transition that completely changed telecoms and enterprise.

—Jonathan Rosenberg, VP and CTO of the collaboration group at Cisco.

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