How Mobile Unified Communications Is Evolving Workplaces Today 

Remember the phrase, “I’ll handle that when I get back to the office?”

Businesses that have discovered unified communications (UC) and mobility don’t hear that all too often anymore.

One of the major aspects of UC is that it enables a mobile, connected workforce. Employees no longer have to be tethered to their desks to get work done. Mobility and UC enables almost a replica of the “in-office” experience—largely achieved by the consistency of operation and availability inherent in UC solutions.

Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research sums up the significance of mobility nicely:

“Competitive advantage is no longer about mastering a single core competency. Rather, it’s based on making the best decision possible, while involving the right people, in any location, as fast as possible.”

Given that, it’s important to understand how workplaces will continue to evolve as more companies adopt UC solutions.

  • Mobile devices, largely considered extensions of ourselves, will continue to have a huge role in enabling employees to enjoy a mobile workspace.
  • Workspaces will no longer be tied to a single physical location. It can be anywhere—a hotel room, café, conference hall, airplane or even your home.
  • Mobile UC solutions are fast approaching feature parity with desktop tools, such as messaging, conferencing, video and presence.

So, when evaluating a Unified Communications solution, be sure to dig into how the provider addresses mobility by asking these questions–

  • Does it provide a common experience across device types?
  • Does it offer a fully featured mobile solution or is it a subset of the desktop’s capability?
  • Is it supported across all major mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows?
  • Do they charge additionally for mobile clients?
  • What type of visibility does it provide for security and transparency?

The end goal is for your team members to have the same collaboration experience digitally as if they were sitting next to each other at the office, regardless if they are traveling or working remotely. Mobile UC should be an intrinsic part of how you work, not just to for convenience, but to establish a competitive advantage for your business as well.