How Cloud Solutions Are Transforming Collaboration In the Workplace

Using technology to drive team collaboration has ushered in a new era of productivity and mobility in the workplace. Regardless of size or distance, it has served to enable team members to communicate, innovate and work together efficiently.

A lot of businesses today have come to recognize cloud-based collaboration tools as an intrinsic part of their operations. The technology lends itself to a distinct working style—one that puts focus on mobility, accessibility and collaboration at the speed of need.

Here are some examples of how cloud solutions are transforming collaboration in the workplace–

  • Cloud based collaboration solutions offer powerful, multi-functional project management tools that centralize important documents and communications between team members, such as:
    • Total visibility, giving individual team members a big picture view of how the business operates.
    • Accessibility, enabling them to work remotely at the speed of need.
    • Convenience, which ultimately allows different members of the organization more opportunity to collaborate and increase productivity.
  • In the cloud, you can share documents and presentations, receive comments and updates promptly, respond to them in real time, regardless of whether you’re working on it from your office workstation on a computer or in transit with your tablet. Team member activity can be automatically recorded and transmitted on a structured database or network that supports communication between every single member of the organization, minimizing confusion and back and forth.
  • Today, a lot of work related communication already takes place in the cloud. However, major business decisions will still take place in boardrooms, limiting decision making to just a handful of people. Leading up that, cloud collaboration solutions can be used to open the decision making process to more people in your team, empowering and encouraging team members to be more collaborative in the workplace.

Indeed, the adoption of cloud solutions in the workplace is helping colleagues connect and work together more efficiently, foster connections that develop relationships despite distance and ultimately creates a more seamless way to communicate and get the job done right.

Ask yourself now if your team could be working smarter and more efficiently…and if you have an IT partner that can help make it happen?  We’re here for you!