Cisco Spark Adds Teams Feature

Cisco Spark continues to build on its already robust capabilities by adding support for Teams.  This feature will organize rooms around real-life work teams, projects or even by line of business.  This simplifies the way the way people can collaborate as you don’t have to be invited to participate in that particular room.

This allows teams to work together easier and more efficiently. For instance, for Marketing Teams, it gives them a space to iterate on deliverables, discuss topics and share ideas. For IT Support Teams, it provides a singular space to track projects, open tickets and the ability to contribute without having to be invited to a room.  And by using Cisco Spark’s Search capability, you are building a Knowledge Base that empowers your employees.

Cisco Spark is changing the way people work in an intuitive and natural way. It’s continuously being developed with new features being rolled out on a regular basis. Contact INW today to learn more.

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