Cisco Announces New Cloud-Based Security Solutions for Existing Appliances

As businesses continue to move to the cloud for more and more of their computing needs, the task of security has gotten a little out of hand. Network technology luminary, Cisco, has found that “companies are deploying up to 70 disparate security products to address a variety of needs – a practice that is difficult to manage and often leaves businesses more vulnerable.”

In an effort to both reduce the complexity and increase the effectiveness of IT security management, Cisco has taken a dramatic step to improve the tools available to professionals in the field.

At its recent Cisco Live press event, the company announced new cloud-based integrated security solutions. This new cloud-based, “architectural” approach to security is built around the premise that adding additional security appliances to your network is not necessarily the answer—rather, the solution is to enable your existing Cisco and Meraki appliances with security services that correspond with their function.

For example, Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is available only for Meraki MX Security Appliances and its Umbrella Roaming is available only for Cisco AnyConnect devices.

Cisco is releasing the following solutions and services

  • Cisco Umbrella Roaming: This centralized, cloud-delivered protection is the simplest way to remove off-network blind spots, guarding roaming employees wherever they work. With Umbrella Roaming, now embedded as a module with AnyConnect® (Cisco’s VPN solution), organizations can add a new layer of off-network protection that blocks connections to malicious sites without needing to deploy another agent.
  • Cisco Umbrella Branch:  This cloud-delivered solution gives businesses more control over guest Wi-Fi use with easy content filtering. With Umbrella Branch, businesses can simply upgrade Integrated Services Routers (ISR) for simple, fast and comprehensive security at branch locations.
  • Cisco Defense Orchestrator: This cloud-based management application enables users to easily and effectively manage a large security infrastructure and policies in distributed locations across thousands of devices through a simple cloud-based console. It cuts through complexity to manage security policies across Cisco security products from ASA and ASAv firewalls to Cisco Firepower™ next-generation firewalls and ASA with FirePOWER™ Services featuring Firepower Threat Defense, and OpenDNS.
  • Cisco Meraki® MX Security Appliances with Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Threat Grid: This completely cloud-managed unified threat management (UTM) solution simplifies advanced threat protection for the distributed enterprise, providing branch offices with malware protection that checks files against its cloud database to identify malicious content, blocking the files before users download them.
  • Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Network License: This component enables the Cisco ISR to act as a security sensor and enforcer for branch threat protection. It allows businesses to detect and track anomalies in network traffic, analyze suspicious network activity, and identify malicious traffic.

More about Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Meraki MX

As a cloud-managed threat management solution, Meraki allows for seamless remote management of malware identification and protection across an organization’s central office, branch locations, and even remote workers. Using a cloud database and Cisco’s integrated Sourcefire Snort engine, Meraki provides daily automated updates of the latest exploits, rootkits, viruses, and other threats.

AMP for Meraki consists of:

Enhanced Threat Defense

  • Automatic protection against millions of malicious files
  • Retrospective detection if a file is discovered to be malicious after it enters the network

Contextual Visibility

  • Pivot easily on a particular threat, client, or external threat source.
  • New Security Center provides a quick way to see threat data across multiple sites

Rapid Detection

  • Automatic alerting for retrospective malware detection
  • Protection against new and emerging threats through the work of Cisco’s TALOS team

Ease of Management

  • Enable best-in-class malware protection with just two clicks
  • Configuration and reporting integrated natively into Cisco Meraki’s cloud dashboard

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