Addressing Complexity with UCaaS

This was an interesting article to me – while I agree that some UCaaS delivery models can affect complexity and that SDN can alleviate a portion of these, I believe that UCaaS, overall, lowers complexity.

By offloading large chunks of operations to the provider, the UCaaS subscriber can reduce complexity by limiting exposure to issues related to upgrades or through access to the provider’s skilled UC engineers.

In addition, most large service providers are providing the UCaaS service and that minimizes the complexity put forth in the image provided.

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As the new Internet is emerging as a destination to clouds, UC is also rapidly migrating into the cloud as UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS), resulting in the delivery model between the user and the service becoming much more complex and difficult to manage.

Think about today’s typical on-premise enterprise deployment of UC and how much complexity there is just to deploy and manage mobile users using Bring Your Own Devices (BYODs) and laptops across the wireless network. Most on-premise UC real-time media deployments experience intermittent quality and reliability issues in which end-users sometimes find their day riddled with frustration as they just want to communicate and collaborate seamlessly with a remote set of colleagues or business partners.

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