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Cloud Networking

Manage your network from anywhere.

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What is cloud enabled networking?

At a basic level, cloud computing refers to the delivery of software infrastructure or storage via the Internet in real-time and can be accessed by any device with Internet capability at anytime and anywhere. Cloud Enabled Networking (CEN) moves network device management and aspects of control into the cloud, but keeps connectivity and packet-mode functions like routing, switching and security services local and often in hardware. CEN provides companies a centralized mode for ongoing management while allowing for increased visibility and scale.


What can CEN mean for your business?


CEN introduces a new way to deploy, operate, and manage distributed enterprise networks. It delivers enterprise-grade network capabilities via a cloud infrastructure that requires minimal capital investment in additional appliances or IT resources. These capabilities include Layer 7 Visibility, content filtering, WAN optimization, mobile device management and many more. Companies will see faster deployments, increased uptime, lower costs, improved visibility and to the surprise of many – enhanced security. Our CEN partners have stringent security policies and have a vested interest in protecting their customers’ data.


INW Solutions is your partner for CEN


INW Solutions has recognized the positive benefits of CEN and has been helping our customers deploy CEN solutions ranging from 802.11ac wireless access points to cloud-managed next-generation security appliances. Leveraging CEN and INW Solutions, companies can implement BYOD policies with confidence, ensure rich media like HD video is optimized using Layer 7 traffic shaping, and learn more about consumer behavior using built-in analytics. Contact INW Solutions for a free trial today.



Plan, Design, and Implement.

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Solution Implementation

At INW Solutions, we believe that it takes more than just the right hardware or software to successfully implement solutions that will improve your business. We work with you to understand your business requirements first and then help implement technology that better enables your business to achieve its goals. We follow a proven methodology and industry best practices that allows us to complete projects on time and within budget.


Preparation and Planning:


An accurate picture of the existing network, applications and security posture is essential in determining the ability of your infrastructure to support your initiative. It is imperative to address any shortcomings in advance and identify potential problems that can lead to extended downtime or prolong implementation timeframes. Once it is determined that the network is prepared to support the project, a complete project plan is created. This plan will identify resources, potential difficulties, individual responsibilities, and critical tasks necessary to deliver the final project on time and on budget.


Design and Implementation:


The design of the solution is the architectural foundation for a successful deployment. INW Solutions design services will take into account the business requirements and the existing state of the network to generate a detailed design. This design will illustrate the solution’s capability of meeting today’s requirements while scaling for future needs. Once the design is tested, validated and approved, INW Solutions can begin the process of integrating the solution into your production network. We will provide your team with a detailed implementation plan that includes an accurate estimate of time and resources required to ensure minimal delays.


Whether your goal is to improve productivity and performance or enhance collaboration and communication within your business, INW Solutions Implementation Services has proven time and time again that talented people plus a proven project process equal a successful implementation.



A platform for more than just Wi-Fi,

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By 2016, more than half enterprise traffic will originate on Wi-Fi, are you prepared?


Due to the explosive growth of mobile devices, businesses need to consider how a robust wireless network can impact their business. Smartphones and tablets are now extensions of our office and employees have an expectation that their wireless devices perform as well as their wired devices. The explosive growth in mobile devices has only been matched by the recent advancements in Wi-Fi speeds with the arrival of the 802.11ac standard and this use of the 5GHz channel. These innovations have enabled businesses to leverage their wireless networks for more than internet and application access. Firms are now leveraging their wireless networks for security cameras, device location tracking, and to gain valuable marketing data through Presence Analytics.


Navigating the wireless marketplace


It is our mission to provide our customers with the broadest portfolio of solutions in order to meet their unique requirements. These needs can range from desiring corporate Wi-Fi for guests and contractor access to enterprise firms needing a unified management tool to enable the Bring Your Own Device trend. Our solutions are designed to deliver as predictable an experience as wired Ethernet with radio frequency (RF) management and stateful switchover all without sacrificing security. We ensure a low cost of ownership by providing tools that converge wired and wireless for simplified management whether it is an on premise or cloud solution.


Enabling business with wireless


INW Solutions’ certified and experienced wireless engineers use industry leading tools for pre and post-deployment testing and validation. But that is just a part of our approach. In order for us to provide our customers with a wireless solution that truly meets their needs, we need to best understand the different uses of W-Fi within your business. These can range from warehouse workers using tablets for inventory validation to a frequently used conference room that requires support for many simultaneous clients. We don’t just design wireless networks, we provide a platform for business enablement that is scalable, secure and performs as well as your wired network.



Get the most from your IT investments,

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Optimization Services

Collaboration Optimization


Your collaboration application suite has grown beyond phone and email systems to include unified communications, customer collaboration, video conferencing, mobile collaboration, and more. INW Solutions focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of your collaboration solutions, enhancing system performance, business and operations management, and lowering total cost of ownership.


What we help with:


  • Identify gaps, risks, and recommendations as you implement desired changes
  • Maintain, evolve, and align your system's design and resiliency while reducing exposure to issues
  • Manage change, unplanned incidents, and recurring problems in support of new business requirements
  • Accelerate the usage and adoption of your investment


Network Optimization


By taking a more proactive approach to your network infrastructure you can make sure your business stays agile and moves beyond the “update, leave it alone and hope it doesn’t break” IT scenario. To help you maintain optimal network performance, save costs, and promote growth, INW Solutions combines proactive support, best practices, industry-leading tools, and expert guidance into a single service that covers every aspect of your network


What you can expect:


  • Reduce network downtime for more reliability and lower support costs
  • Increase performance and agility
  • Simplify your network and processes
  • Make better decisions, faster, with greater network visibility